The difference between a student and instructor.

Tans Coorparoo

Claire Gladman

 3rd dan

A student is someone who will look up to their instructor whether it be physically or mentally. The bond between an instructor and a student is something which can never be broken and by the time they get to black belt, they will have trained with that person for years. Therefore, respect must be shown both ways.

An instructor is someone who is dedicated to what they do and will try their best to help their students improve and grow to the best of their ability. This means hard work, constructive criticism and dedication is needed in both the instructor and the student. An instructor must also be willing to invest their time and knowledge into a student and be open to new experiences they may face along the way.

A good relationship between a student and an instructor will allow for the class to be taught quicker and easier. With a good relationship, students will be more willing to learn and more eager to participate in class. When an instructor walks into a the dojang, respect must be shown by the students through bowing and addressing them by their title.

A good instructor is someone who is open to the experience of teaching and learning with their students. Personally, as an instructor, I have learnt many skills that have improved both my teaching and school ethic. From struggling to get young students to cooperate in class to watching them pass their grading with heads held high, instructing is a skill that comes after watching and learning from the students.

A good instructor is always there for their students whether it be in class or at a grading. When the instructor walks into the dojang, a student’s face will light up with glee knowing their favourite instructor will be teaching them. An instructor should make the class fun and enjoyable for the student’s to be able to make learning easier.

To be a good instructor, one must be both vocal and visual in their teaching. Each student has different ways of learning, meaning that the instructor must tailor their abilities to that particular student. This can be solved by both showing the students and talking about the action that is being taught. Along with teaching young students, an instructor must also be willing to help older students that may be struggling. This allows for more experience towards teaching.

A good instructor is someone who is dedicated to what they teach, passionate about taekwondo, and someone who is determined to help others learn a martial art. Any instructor should be able fulfill all these things with ease and dignity.