the way of the sword

Wednesday 7-8pm

Welcome to Kumdo

Kumdo is a unique Korean sword martial art developed from the ancient elite warrior class who dedicated their lives to the study of martial arts and the protection of their country.  The techniques of Kumdo are a modern adaptation of sword techniques and the amalgamation of techniques from other Korean martial arts.  The techniques and movements of Kumdo are beautiful and dynamic, with a balance of speed, power and accuracy and oneness with Body, Mind and Spirit.

The Program

Through history the sword has always been a mystique weapons.  Before guns, the sword was the most powerful weapon.  The skills of a swordsman took many years of training to develop and master.  Instructor Master Michael Tan is a black belt and authorised instructor of Kumdo.  We teach students all the aspects of a good sword warrior. This includes Patterns, Basic’s techniques, Cutting, Sparring patterns and Sparring, Blunt Metal swords and real swords.  Each element of this training system develops all the elements of a complete martial arts sword master.


At Tan’s we believe that developing a sound body and mind are critical to getting the most out of life.  For adults, Kumdo is a great way to stay in shape with passive exercise.    You will find that the breathing and concentration exercises sharpen your senses and reflexes while allowing you to relax from the stress of daily life. This unique combination of using the power of the body and of the mind is the key to increased energy, self discipline, and fitness for a longer happier life.  Kumdo also compliments our Taekwondo and Hapkido programs.


  • Improved Reflexes and Coordination which increases your performance in all physical activities.
  • Increased Strength and Stamina boosts energy so you feel great all day

Mental Benefits:

  • Improved Concentration for better work and study habits
  • Stress reduction & Increased Levels of Relaxation for a longer, healthier life
  • Increased Self Confidence & Self Discipline to develop a positive attitude toward life