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Welcome To Tans Coorparoo

Coorparoo is one of the few full time martial art centres in Brisbane. Owned and operated by Grand Master Michael Tan, the Centre officially opened in 2010. Coorparoo is centrally located only minutes from the train station. All classes are taught by Grand Master Michael Tan and Master Claudia Tan.

Enquiries, please call 07 3311 1991




The facilities at Coorparoo have been purposely built for the martial arts. The main floor is 210sqm. There is a separate viewing area and work space for students to study whilst waiting for their class. There are also showers and change room facilities.

Time Table – Coorparoo

Time Monday to Thursday Friday Saturday
4:00 pm Tigers Tiger Sparring 9.00am –  Tigers
4:30 pm Juniors Jnr Sparring 9.30am –  Juniors
5.15 pm Adv Juniors Adv Sparring 10.15am – Adv Juniors
6:00 pm Teens & Adults Senior Sparring 11.00am –  Seniors
7:00 pm Wed – Kumdo Mon/Thur – Hapkido  

Why Choose Us?

You’ll get personal attention and teaching excellence

The best reason for starting is your own, but whatever motivation you have for getting started you’ll find our instructor’s ready and willing to help you attain your goals. Our school is founded on the principles of teaching excellence, personal attention and tradition.

We provide you with the most complete and effective methods to help you reach your full potential. At Tan’s, our instructors are personally selected, not only for their martial arts skill, but also for their ability to effectively communicate their knowledge and understanding to students of all ages. We know that each student has different goals and strive to help you reach yours.

There are many great reasons to get involved in our program but the many benefits you will derive don’t start happening until you ACT!

What the public Say

I wanted my 7yr old son to have more confidence at school and I knew taekwondo would help him.  I also knew that there are a lot of taekwondo clubs out there, because I tried a few myself years ago.

Tans Taekwondo is a true quality taekwondo club.  I wouldn’t have joined my son and myself in anything other than a quality club.  Tans Taekwondo is the best because it’s family orientated and flexible to suit individuals.

Their quality teaching methods are delivered at a site that has been designed for a training, not a rent-a-space church hall.  My son has gained confidence, learned respect and focus while having fun too.  I’ve become a lot fitter too!  We love Tans Taekwondo.

Teresa Logan, Mansfield
“We really appreciate you taking Devon on and helping him achieve BB, we couldn’t think of a better coach in QLD to mentor him and teach him.  Thanks for letting us be a part of your Tans Family.

I remember when Devon first started when he was 7 and he cried his eyes out (he was such a shy boy) . He ended up becoming the first one out on the floor, a teacher to the younger students and displayed the confidence I hoped he would achieve in such a short amount of time, as he went up in his belts he became even more and more assure of himself.

I will always credit Taekwondo as being a big part of who he is today and I must say he is a pretty darn good young man.”

Cheri Murphy, Parent Coorparoo
“Our 7 year old son and 9 year old daughter have been at Tans Taekwondo for just on 3 months and they are enjoying it immensely.

They attend the same class twice per week and are learning lots from the instructors who are all impressive with their teaching and care of the kids.

The discipline, stretching, patterns and confidence they are being taught are making a difference in other parts of their lives. There is a great culture and feel to the place. Very happy – Virginia & Graham “

Virginia & Graham, Coorparoo

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