Zac Patane
From Little Tiger to black belt

March 2018


I would be super excited to be the 1 in 10,000 students to start a martial
art and achieve a black belt !!!!!

I earnt my first yellow belt for taekwondo on 14.09.14. I was nervous because I did not know what to expect but I enjoyed the grading and it made me really happy and proud to get my belt. Back then, I really wanted to keep going to get my black belt. I thought about how one day I might get my black belt and that was my goal. Now that I am almost there, I think that getting my black belt is really the start. It means that I have the basic skills that I need to build on to
become really good at taekwondo.

Achieving a black belt will mean a lot to me. I have always looked up to black belts and thought that I wanted to be like them. To be able to do my moves properly and sharply, be able to break boards without being nervous about it and learning more about taekwondo. It would also give me more courage and make me more determined to
continue to improve and work on the things I know I could do better. I hope to also learn some more new things.
It will also mean that I will be expected to set an example for other students as, in class everyone always looks to the black belts to make sure they are acting the right way and doing their moves correctly.

I hope that maybe I can also help some of the junior students like others
have helped me.  I know I still have a lot to learn and to work on but to achieve a black belt is something that I would be super proud of and it would mean I did not give up, and I achieved the first goal I set myself for taekwondo.
My next goal is to get stronger, work harder and be the best I can be.

One day I hope that I can earn higher belts and inspire others to have a