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What is a good taekwondo instructor.

The difference between a student and instructor. Tans Coorparoo Claire Gladman  3rd dan A student is someone who will look up to their instructor whether it be physically or mentally. The bond between an instructor and a student is something which can never be broken and by the time they get to black belt, they will have trained with that person for years. Therefore, respect must be shown both ways. An instructor is someone who is dedicated to what they do and will try their best to help their students improve and grow to the best of their ability. This means hard work, constructive criticism and dedication is needed in both the instructor and the student. An instructor must also be willing to invest their time and knowledge into a student and be open to new experiences they may face along the way. A good relationship between a student and an instructor will allow for the class to be taught quicker and easier. With a good relationship, students will be more willing to learn and more eager to participate in class. When an instructor walks into a the dojang, respect must be shown by the students through bowing and addressing them by their title. A good instructor is someone who is open to the experience of teaching and learning with their students. Personally, as an instructor, I have learnt many skills that have improved both my teaching and school ethic. From struggling to get young students to cooperate in class to watching them pass their grading with heads held high, instructing is a skill that comes after watching and learning from the students. A good instructor is always there for their students whether it be [...]

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Father and Daughter achieve black belt together.

Andrew and Lia April 2019 What does a Black Belt mean to you. It might seem that I am a late starter to Taekwondo (TKD). But I have been dreaming of and it has been a major goal of mine from a very young age to attain a black belt. I was very determined to make it a goal to get a black belt. I joined TKD as an “older” or “mature aged” student. I thought that I was too “old”. I thought that this may be a disadvantage as I wasn’t flexible like a young person who can do the splits and execute a head high round house kick. However, I had two young daughters and I wanted them to gain the lifetime benefits of TKD and importantly learn self defence. So I signed up for them but also for myself. I set a personal goal that I would get a black belt before I was 50 years old. I persevered and I took everyday, and every lesson, one step at a time. There were days when I felt like giving up, as I couldn’t kick high, I was a bit “unco” in my strike and blocks, my muscles were sore with every lesson. Normally, I would have given up. But something inside me said, no I have to keep going, and aim for that elusive black belt. I also had to provide a wonderful example to my two daughters to not give up. Therefore I kept going and never gave up. When I was white belt I remember looking at, and up to the blacks belts and the other advanced students and I thought it would be impossible for me to get to [...]

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From Little Tiger to Taekwondo black belt

Zac Patane From Little Tiger to black belt March 2018   I would be super excited to be the 1 in 10,000 students to start a martial art and achieve a black belt !!!!! I earnt my first yellow belt for taekwondo on 14.09.14. I was nervous because I did not know what to expect but I enjoyed the grading and it made me really happy and proud to get my belt. Back then, I really wanted to keep going to get my black belt. I thought about how one day I might get my black belt and that was my goal. Now that I am almost there, I think that getting my black belt is really the start. It means that I have the basic skills that I need to build on to become really good at taekwondo. Achieving a black belt will mean a lot to me. I have always looked up to black belts and thought that I wanted to be like them. To be able to do my moves properly and sharply, be able to break boards without being nervous about it and learning more about taekwondo. It would also give me more courage and make me more determined to continue to improve and work on the things I know I could do better. I hope to also learn some more new things. It will also mean that I will be expected to set an example for other students as, in class everyone always looks to the black belts to make sure they are acting the right way and doing their moves correctly. I hope that maybe I can also help some of the junior students like others have helped me.  [...]

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Taekwondo – more than collecting colours.

Sienna Bird Junior Female Black belt. September 2018. Tans Coorparoo.     When I was 8,  I set a goal to achieve black belt in Taekwondo I wanted to get a black belt because I wanted to collect all the colours, because I thought it was cool, and they would look good hanging on display in my room.  What I didn’t understand fully then, was that grading up to the different belts is a lot more than just collecting colours for display. My Poppy was heavily into karate and boxing when he was young, and also achieved his black belt.  Poppy has been a great influence throughout my journey with martial arts, as initially it wasn’t as attractive to me as a sport like dancing for example. While I also love and take dance class, I have grown to have a deep respect for Martial Arts. Particularly being a girl, as I feel we are underrepresented in this field.  Achieving a black belt is significant to me, my Poppy, and my fellow female peers.  It shows the mental and physical commitment I have shown to get to this level. I love Taekwondo because I find the training fun, challenging, and good for my physical and mental health. It makes me feel more confident to deal with people in everyday situations, and has helped me with my feelings of anxiety and shyness. Having trained this far in mixed classes of male and female, and different age groups, the training has developed both my confidence and my technique. I still think it’s cool to eventually have a belt rack with all of my coloured belts on it, but instead of thinking that it’s just cool, I now [...]

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black belt with my dad

  Damon McCauley From White belt to black belt. Achieved black belt with his father Dean.   above is a photo of Damon at his first grading in 2010. Taekwondo means the way to fight with hand and foot. Tae>> foot, Kwon >> hand, Do >> the way. But to me it means much more than that. It has taught me focus, patience and respect. When I first started I did not care for it very much and I dreaded going, I would always try to find an excuse not to go. But as the years passed on I started to grow attached and see the benefits that it brought. Every time I went I felt like there was something else I could Improve, that being a technique, a pattern or a strike. I know that being a black belt will be tough. I need to work hard to get through the ranks of black belt and as I progress I know have to keep practicing Taekwondo and keep practicing the traits Taekwondo has taught me. Taekwondo has helped me with both mind and body, making me stronger, more confident, giving me more work ethic and making me more serious with everything. When I first started Taekwondo, at 6 years old I thought it was going to be just lots of fun, but it became harder as I progressed further. I have never worked so hard for anything for in my life. Taekwondo has had a massive impact on my life, making me better in everything I do. I have been doing taekwondo for the past nine years and next year will be my tenth. It has been a very hard, long and valuable journey and without it my life would be [...]

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Korean student learning Taekwondo from non-korean Master.

Jun Suh Seo has been learning Taekwondo in Brisbane Australia.  Here Jun Suh (middle) is picture in Korea training over the Christmas period with students from the local Taekwondo dojang.   Receiving a black belt means a lot to me as it finally shows that I’m responsible enough to be one. It also shows that I have trained hard until this point which makes me proud of myself. My parents would be very proud especially my dad as he is already 3rd Dan! The black belt will represent that I have spirit and the will to train. After about 3 years of training I think I have finally reached my full potential and improved my self-confidence. My balance and techniques have improved massively and I thank Grand Master Tan for teaching me well. I look up to my father and also hope that I will be like him one day… 3rd Dan. When I started taekwondo, I asked dad if he did taekwondo at all and he said he did. He said that he was 2nd Dan. I took in those words and trained hard to reach my goal for the moment; to achieve black belt at the least. Some of the responsibilities I feel are what a black belt needs to represent are helping other students, instructing and teaching the children on their path to black belt as best as I can. I assure you that I will be the nicest, most polite and understandable person for people that need their questions answered. Becoming a black belt would also mean that I have finally reached the level of where some of my friends are. Tristian is a great friend and I look up to [...]

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What does a Black Belt mean to me?

  Amy Scott is a Nurse and black belt at our Springwood centre. Here aim talks about what a black belt means to her.             My opinion on a Black Belt has vastly changed from when I first started training at Springwood. The first instructor I ever met had a level of technique, knowledge and confidence that I never thought I could achieve, everything she did seemed to be effortless. Despite how foolish I thought I looked trying to follow her instructions, she was always patient and always had advice to help me. After meeting her I never thought that there would be anyone else who could possibly match her as an instructor but again I was wrong. Yet another person, with what seemed to be an unattainable number of stripes on their Black Belt, unbelievably had more knowledge, skill, an unbelievable amount of patience and an amazing way of making things sound and look effortless. At the time I had very little knowledge of what all the different belts meant or what was required of a person to attain them, to even be close to a Black Belt was a goal set far in the future. Even though I have only been training for roughly two years, the change in my own techniques and knowledge of my art has greatly improved. Since starting Taekwondo I have done a lot of research about the different belts and their rankings. All the different websites about Taekwondo say different things but have similar meanings. Coloured belts are junior belts, Bo Dan is a provisional or candidate for a Black belt and Dan Belts are full Black Belts. The translation of ‘Dan’ is [...]

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Happy Halloween

  Another great Halloween in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. Over 80 kids dressed up and had fun at Currumbin at the annual Halloween Party. In Brisbane, we had 2 celebrations. ON Friday 31 October, the little tigers and juniors dressed up, played games and eat plenty of halloween food. The following night. we had a Movie and Pizza night as well as games and a haunted house.  Special thanks to John Feenstra for all the props. Looking forward to another Halloween next year.  

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Development Grading Comp

A total of 74 juniors competed in the 2nd Grading Comp for the year.  The event was held on the 25th October with some 35 fights in the 3 hour window.  For many of the students it was their first taste of Olympic Taekwondo.  Each student was required to do their current patterns as well as compete over 2 rounds under Olympic conditions.   We use the grading comp to give parents and students an idea of what its like to compete.  Hopefully many will do the sparring classes and enter the regular taekwondo competitions in Queensland. The highlight of the day was a special 3 on 3 teams competition in the first session. Special thanks goes to our officials (Ebenezer, Chelsea, Liam, Ash, Claire, Partick, Roseanna, and the Gibsons) The following students achieved Gold. Connor Nicolson 7 Yellow III Jasper Grierson 5 Blue I Isaac Taylor 6 Yellow II Minsuh Seo 7 Blue I Billie Diery 7 Yellow III Ruby Pyke 7 Yellow III Nathan Tan 7 Yellow II Dylan Wright 7 Purple/White Max Ryder 7 Red I Sebastian Lieu 8 Yellow II Daniel Egert 7 Yellow III Declan Lewis 7 Yellow II Samuel Chappell 8 Purple/White Finlay Grierson 9 Blue I Junsuh Seo 10 Red I Kai Asnicar 8 Yellow III Kiran Brijesh 8 Red I Blake Fennell 9 Blue I Abigail Manders 8 Red I Ashlee Taylor 8 Yellow II James Naylor 9 Blue I Jeremiah Anderson 8 Yellow III Mitchell Egert 10 Red II TJ Leaver 9 1st Dan Oliver Pyke 10 Blue II Hannah Jones 10 Red I Connor Leahy 12 Blue II Joshua Mitchell 13 Red I Laura Leddie 11 Red I Jaimee Taylor 11 Blue II [...]

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