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Ella Gowlett achieves black belt

More than 300 students successfully grade at the end of term 3.  Grading held over the last 2 weeks included Brisbane, Currumbin, Caboolture and Ipswich. Of all the students grading, we had 3 successfully reach 1st Dan black belt. Ella Gowlett who just turned 11 achieved Junior black belt.  The daughter of Master Darryl Gowlett, Ella was a bit nervous but show great techniques and poise. Below are a few words from Ella about Taekwondo. Becoming a Black Belt would be a big achievement for me. After nearly 7 years of participating in Taekwondo I feel I am ready to become a Black Belt. I have been training to my fullest potential and I think it has improved my self-confidence, as well as developing my Taekwondo techniques. A further benefit to this is my balance is much better. I have taken this journey with my father as my instructor. I look up to my Dad and see the passion he has for Taekwondo. Even though, at this stage I cannot feel the same way. I am beginning to understand why he feels the way he does. Along with Dad I look up to Chrissie Bowie. Chrissie is inspiring and I hope to be as good as her one day. I could do this by continuing my training and striving to be better. I believe my responsibilities as a Black Belt are to help other students reach their goal of becoming a Black Belt, instructing and listening to their needs, I will make sure I am polite and respectful when they ask me a question. Becoming a Black Belt would make me proud, my instructors proud and my family proud. I think the most proudest person [...]

Chelsea seconds from a medal.

Chelsea Hobday has just returned from the 1st Word Cadet Taekwondo Championships in Baku Azerbaijan. The inaugural cadet championships, which are for the youth aged between 12 and 14, had 578 athletes and 286 officials from 63 countries. Chelsea was one of 2 Australian girls which made it though to the Quarter finals and narrowly missed out on a medal.  With only seconds to go, Chelsea appeared to score with a kick to the head of the French girl.  That would have put the score 14-12 in Chelsea's favour.  After a video replay, the kick was too close to call and the initial decision was upheld.  Some would argue that if the kick had have scored and the other side protested, then the point would have remained. Chelsea is now in training for the Australian Open in Sydney on 16 & 17 August. To view both of Chelsea's fights you can go to the following links. Chelsea vs Jordan Chelsea vs France      

Life skills through Taekwondo

Life skills through Taekwondo 7th Dan Taekwondo essay by Michael Tan 2005   Preface For many years I wondered why the length of time in each Dan increased, as you got higher.  Initially I thought it was purely to keep the Dans in perspective.  Where would it end if people were allowed to grade every year or so.  I always new the time in the grade gave you experience and knowledge.  It is only after reflecting on this time that one realises this knowledge is something no practical grading can ever test.  This is one of the reasons why we should always respect our seniors.  They have a wealth of knowledge; which one should explore.  This essay is about what has kept me doing Taekwondo when all around me have quit.  In writing this essay I will endeavour to give an insight as to what I have learnt from Taekwondo.  I shall touch on the challenges, the set backs and the future of Taekwondo for me. There is not a day that goes pass where Taekwondo has not entered my life.  It has been that way for some 20 years since the opening of our own club and taking on the responsibility of instructing others.  Now at the age of 40, Taekwondo has given me great pleasures for more than ¾ of my life (33 years). Taekwondo is many things to many people; it has so many mystical powers that it becomes part of your life.   I was first introduced to through my father and his friends.  They had started in 1971 and were blue belts by the time I started.  Back then Martial Arts were just starting to boom in Australia as a [...]

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Coorparoo Easter Time Table

During the holidays we run a modified time table. Monday & Wednesdays 10am Little Tigers 10.30am Games (all) 11.00am Juniors Tues, Thurs and Fridays 4pm Little Tigers 4.30pm Games (all) 5.00pm Juniors Saturdays 9.30am Little Tigers 10.00am All Others. Closed Good Friday to Easter Monday.  And Anzac Day. Have a happy Easter. Please download the following timetable here.  

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Our Korean guests like Australia

  Our Korean guests from Shin Sung University are having a great time in Queensland.  The following is a bit of a travel diary of Dragon and Les. Week 1 Arrived Friday 25 Jan and went straight up to Caboolture to watch a Hapkido Grading.  Had steak at the Morayfield Leagues club. Australia Day cricket match and BBQ in Bardon. Spent their first week at Coorparoo going through all the classes. Week 2 Went down to Currumbin for 3 days.  They loved the beach and Robina shopping centre. Returned by train and introduced music poomse to Coorparoo.   Thursday they took the City Cat ferry into the city from Bulimba.   Friday they went to Ipswich where they saw Kangaroos at Queens Park Zoo followed by training with Kevin. Saturday they took a trip out to our country Club near Esk where they took training and came home via the Wivenhoe dam.  They have heaps of photos of Cows. Sunday they had a Korean meal with some of our students Min Suh and Jung Suh where they spend most of the day.   Week 3 Will spend 3 days at Coorparoo before Going down to the Gold Coast on Thursday. Week 4 Return from the Gold Coast and Spend time with Jono at Arana Hills and Yeronga. Return back to the Gold Coast from Thursday. Week 5 Monday they will meet Jono at the Airport where they will return to Korean and University life.    

Return dates for 2014

Wishing all students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Return dates for all Centres. Monday January 6th 2014 Coorparoo - Michael Tan - 3311-1991 Currumbin - Ben Hartmann - 041 070-2357 Arana Hills - Jono Doyle - 040 5643645 Thursday 9th Jan Ipswich - Kevin Donaldson - 042 960-9180 Saturday 11th January Logan City PCYC - Chrissie Bowie - 043 8083996 Tuesday 14th January Springwood - Darryl Gowlett - 043 8083996 Yeronga - Greg Blain - 1300 799 258 Wednesday 29th Jan Acacia Ridge - Stephen Clark - 043 1015312 Tuesday 28th Jan Roma - Steve Ruru -  042 7082939 Monday 3rd February Sunnybank - Dejan Tunjic - (04) 3452-8511 Wednesday 5th February  Clayfield - Wayne Mahoney - 04 1888 7529

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3 new black belts for Coorparoo

3 students who start in our junior program 4 years ago have finally achieved black belt. Partick and Roseanne Scodellaro and Tom Ryder all passed their 1st dan black belt on the 8th December 2013. Below is an essay for Tom about what black belt means to him. A Black Belt in the Korean art of Taekwondo means many different things to me; mostly I see it as a sign of respect. I look up to people who have gone the distance and achieved something that great, and I just want to stop and imagine what it was like for them? How did they do it? Then the thought races to me – “How am I going to do it?”  All these things eventually lead me to think - “Why am I doing this? Why am I getting my Black Belt?”  Of course the answer is that I want to have achieved a great milestone in my life. It means that I will have achieved a great deal of knowledge in the martial arts, and have gained great respect for the 5 tenets of Taekwondo – Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit. Once I’ve earned my Black Belt I know that wherever I go in the world I will get as much respect as I am giving the Black Belts now. Taekwondo is a way of living and a Black Belt signifies to me that I have reached a high skill level in my life. Receiving a Black Belt means years of hard work, studying, classes, confidence building, and teamwork.  A Black Belt requires discipline. By that I mean you can't just go through it all lazily. The Black Belt is about achieving perfect [...]

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Pink Belt Week for Cancer Council

Cancer Council raises awareness and funds for prevention programs, support services and world-class research into women’s cancers.  Donate to Pink and make a real difference to those affected by breast and gynaecological cancers through prevention programs, support services and world-class research.  As a not-for-profit organisation, Cancer Council relies on the support of the media to promote fundraising efforts throughout the year. In 2013 they aim to raise around $9.4 million for Pink Ribbon Day, Girls’ Night In and Pink Ribbon Fundraisers. A total of $550 was raised this week through the sale of pink belts. Jeremiah Anderson Stella Anson Kim Astro Sam Atkinson Chrissie Bowie Paul Bowler Stephen Clark Tom Dean Billie Diery Daniel Egert Mitchell Egert Sam Feenstra Tom Feenstra Sasha Freslon Adam Gibson David Gibson Sarah Gibson Claire Gladman Aiden Gock Morgan Grace Jaminson Grinke Liam Hansen Savva Hatzipapas Chelsea Hobday Caleb Hodgkinson Niamh Hodgkinson John Keillerup Connor Leahy Declan Leahy Hamish Leddie Laura Leddie Spiro Livanes Nikhil Matthews David Meechan Jamie Meechan Joshua Mitchell Courtney Nichols Lachlan Nichols Connor Nicolson Judy Pascoe Max Ryder Tom Ryder Kiarra Sawynok Tom Sinnamon Leon Skerritt Lachlan Southwood Declan Stanley Claudia Tan Michael Tan Dominic Trevatt Jon Trotta Ethan Turner Madison Turner Presley Woods Brent Woolgar  

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October Dan grading

25 students and Instructors attended black belt training and our second higher dan grading for the year.  Master Tan commenced training with all Dan patterns Koryo - Ilyo followed by some 1 step sparring incorporating wrist locks.  We finished the session going through Palgwe patterns and breaking. The following students successfully passed their high dan grading.  Congratulations to all students.   Jonathon Doyle ARANA_HILLS    3rd Dan Chelsea Hobday COORPAROO 2nd Dan Bo Tristan Jong COORPAROO 2nd Dan Bo James Woods COORPAROO 2nd Dan Bo Andrew James CURRUMBIN 3rd Dan Bo Simon Williams CURRUMBIN 3rd Dan Bo Stephanie Iong LOGAN 2nd Dan Bo Ryan Crawford SPRINGWOOD 2nd Dan   The next higher Dan grading will be in April 2014.    

What a black belt means to me.

Morgan Grace, Chelsea Hobday and Jess Roberts achieveing black belt on the weekend. The definition of black belt is a symbol worn by someone well trained in a martial art. It is a rank which is worked for over time and attained through commitment, but what does it mean to be a black belt? Taekwondo trains people well in discipline. This is developed after years of instruction and listening to what is being told. Failure to follow these instructions could lead to injury or putting others in danger. A black belt is someone who is well disciplined and can listen to orders, especially ones made by someone higher ranked than them. Taekwondo teaches people to have self-control. This is important in order not to hurt someone, especially during sparring matches or one-step. A kick which is not controlled could easily cause a serious injury. A black belt is someone who has control over their actions. Taekwondo demonstrates consciousness of a person’s surroundings. A black belt means that you are aware of what is going on around you. Taekwondo develops a person’s reaction time. This is important in many aspects of life however in martial arts is especially important to ensure that you are not hit. Having the ability to avoid attacks is essential when sparring. A black belt has the ability to react quickly to punches or kicks and move out of the way or block. Reaction time also includes attacking another person. The time available to kick in a sparring round is limited and if the person cannot attack fast enough, their opponent will seize the opportunity. It also develops confidence and trust. Having a good amount of confidence in your decisions [...]

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