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Ella Gowlett achieves black belt

More than 300 students successfully grade at the end of term 3.  Grading held over the last 2 weeks included Brisbane, Currumbin, Caboolture and Ipswich. Of all the students grading, we had 3 successfully reach 1st Dan black belt. Ella Gowlett who just turned 11 achieved Junior black belt.  The daughter of Master Darryl Gowlett, Ella was a bit nervous but show great techniques and poise. Below are a few words from Ella about Taekwondo. Becoming a Black Belt would be a big achievement for me. After nearly 7 years of participating in Taekwondo I feel I am ready to become a Black Belt. I have been training to my fullest potential and I think it has improved my self-confidence, as well as developing my Taekwondo techniques. A further benefit to this is my balance is much better. I have taken this journey with my father as my instructor. I look up to my Dad and see the passion he has for Taekwondo. Even though, at this stage I cannot feel the same way. I am beginning to understand why he feels the way he does. Along with Dad I look up to Chrissie Bowie. Chrissie is inspiring and I hope to be as good as her one day. I could do this by continuing my training and striving to be better. I believe my responsibilities as a Black Belt are to help other students reach their goal of becoming a Black Belt, instructing and listening to their needs, I will make sure I am polite and respectful when they ask me a question. Becoming a Black Belt would make me proud, my instructors proud and my family proud. I think the most proudest person [...]

Kick Start the New Year

    We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year.  Below please find the return dates for all our centres.  We look forward to seeing you back at Taekwondo. Full time Centres Caboolture  - Wednesday 2nd January Coorparoo - Monday 7th January Currumbin - Monday 7th January Arana Hills - Monday 7th January Sunnybank - Monday 7th January Springwood - Tuesday - 15th January Acacia Ridge - Monday 14th January Logan - Saturday - 19th January Clayfield - Wednesday - 16th January Roma - Tuesday - 29th January Ipswich - Monday 7th January    

30 Year reunion

About 30 former students attended of 30 year anniversary at the Coorparoo HQ.  The rain held off, and everyone enjoyed the BBQ and chatting with other former students.  It was great to see so many student especially those travelling from the Gold Coast.  All had fond memories of training in the 80's and 90's on old wooden floors in community halls.  Founder Dr David Tan who has just come out of hospital made the journey up and talked to all the former students. All the students were impressed with our full time centre.  It was our ultimate dream and being a former member of Tans it was theirs to share.  Our first black belt George Ruch (1984) was there along with our first white to black belt Jeff Munster.  Glenice Shaw who started Logan in the late 70's was also there and met some of the current students of Logan.  Glenice is coming back to Taekwondo after nearly 17 years. It was great to hear that Taekwondo has made a big difference in their lives.  Many attributed to where they are now to Taekwondo and the spirit of the Martial Arts.  It seemed like only yesterday that these students were training.  Now most have children or grand children. From the 80's of just Taekwondo, Tans has evolved and offers hapkido and kumdo.  Master Michael Tan, Chrissie Bowie (Taekwondo Logan) and Terje Svingen (Hapkido) put on a demonstration of Kumdo.  Master Tan and son Liam also demonstrated the new Daedo electronic chest guards.  All were amazed at how far the sport had come and the use of technology. We hope that all former students keep in touch and plans are underway to host a 35 year [...]

What a black belt means to me

Taekwondo plays a big role in my life. Whenever I go to taekwondo I always come home feeling great, I don’t know if it is the people I train with or it is just the training. I find Taekwondo is more enjoying after a stressful day at school, because when I am at training I don’t think about anything else but taekwondo, so it takes my mind off most things. Taekwondo is the best sport I have ever done. When I think of taekwondo I think of all the people I train with and the great community that taekwondo has. To me taekwondo almost feels like having another life but in that life you have no pressure and no stress and the only person you are competing against is yourself, and you want to be the best person you can be at Taekwondo. When I hear Taekwondo I straight away think of the enjoyment I have working with others. The community is what I think is the best part about training because everyone is so kind and ready to help guide you when you need it. This motivates me to keep on coming to training and to work harder. There are many difficult times when I am training that I need to remember or correct a pattern to get it right. I keep working at it, even though at times I get confused with patterns because some of them are very similar. Despite this, I like learning new patterns so then I have more patterns to do and that makes training fun because I know I have more choices instead of only having to do the one pattern over and over again. Other difficult times [...]

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What has Taekwondo taught me in and out of the Dojang?

Learning and mastering a Martial Art has been a lifelong goal for me. Unfortunately in my early years there always seemed to be some impediment to finding and joining a club. Work, family and other commitments consumed my time in the first two decades out of School. By the time I was in my late 30’s my wife and I were firmly of the opinion that sport was important for moulding our children’s future social skills. My belief is that as they develop; childrens lives need positive influence from parents, teachers, and others so that when they become adults that are culturally and socially adept. After trying the boys out with a number of different sports, I realised that team sports seemed to be more about the parents at times than about the children’s own achievements. After some research I was convinced that Taekwondo may play a role in their ongoing social development. A month after watching the oldest (Lochlan) at Taekwondo training under the instruction of Darryl Gowlett, I decided to join in and was immediately hooked. At first I thought that Taekwondo was going to be easy to master as it didn’t appear to involve much more than some punching, kicking and jumping. As I began to progress through the early belt levels, I discovered that Taekwondo was not just difficult, there was much more to it than simply kicking, punching and memorizing poomse. I learned that it was also about focus, self-discipline, self-control and self-motivation. I particularly enjoyed learning the poomse patterns and adding new ones to my ‘collection’ after each grading. The initial process of memorizing the moves is always a challenge and after mastering the moves it’s then time to [...]

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Hello world!

                                  Welcome to Tans Taekwondo.  We are converting our website over to WordPress.  This is my first post.  We hope this blog will all students to be more interactive. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.   Regards     Master Michael Tan.