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Chelsea seconds from a medal.

Chelsea Hobday has just returned from the 1st Word Cadet Taekwondo Championships in Baku Azerbaijan. The inaugural cadet championships, which are for the youth aged between 12 and 14, had 578 athletes and 286 officials from 63 countries. Chelsea was one of 2 Australian girls which made it though to the Quarter finals and narrowly missed out on a medal.  With only seconds to go, Chelsea appeared to score with a kick to the head of the French girl.  That would have put the score 14-12 in Chelsea's favour.  After a video replay, the kick was too close to call and the initial decision was upheld.  Some would argue that if the kick had have scored and the other side protested, then the point would have remained. Chelsea is now in training for the Australian Open in Sydney on 16 & 17 August. To view both of Chelsea's fights you can go to the following links. Chelsea vs Jordan Chelsea vs France      

US Open trip

In February we traveled to the US to attend one of the largest international competitions in the world.  The last time I was at the US Open was in Hawaii in 2000.  That was when I was single and part of the Olympic program.  Apart from the Olympic team, our club entered 5 players in their first major international.  Now some 14 years later some of those players are coaches taking a new breed of competitors from Tans to the US Open.  Its a proud moment to see the legacy remains and the passion for Olympic sparring continue.   I was also lucky enough to bring the family to Vegas to see the competition and catch up with friends.  For our sons Liam and Nathan, it was their first trip to the US and we took in most of the sites such as Disneyland, Hollywood and Skiing.  Apart from the big cities, it was great to show them the country as we traveled some 18 hours by car from LA to Vegas to Mammoth and back to LA. Two weeks was long enough, and we are now back at the club and preparing students for gradings and competitions. 2000 Team Roaster Manager - Shane Hartmann Coach -Michael Tan Referee -Darryl Gowlett Players Ben Hartmann Daniel Hartmann Byron Coleborne George Carmichael Luk Wolfe   2014 Team Roaster Head of Team - Michael Tan Manager - Jo Hartmann Coaches - Ben & Daniel Hartmann Players Sam Northey Billy Crean Kyle Nolan Zhanna Sattsaeva Jack Willsher Presley Johnson Travis Richard Arden Lovis  

4th Gold Coast Open

A total of 362 competitors from all states of Australia attended the 4th Gold Cost Open.  There were also teams from NZ and Tonga.  The black belt divisions were the best that Australia has to offer.  We had 2 divisions with over 12 players in them.  Most divisions had many current Australian team members.  With so many TA and STA clubs in attendance, it was a great chance to see the best from each body compete in the true spirit of Taekwondo.  It was fantastic to see everyone get on and hopefully this will pave the way for unification of Taekwondo in Australia. The Daedo PSS electronic chest guards were used for a large number of coloured belt divisions.  Next year we will expand the divisions to include more junior divisions. Three very special Memorial awards were given out over the weekend. The Wayne Brown Memorial Award given for the best Poomse Spirit went to Maddy Houston from Factor Ten (Qld).  The Mario Rejtano Memorial Award given for best Sparring player went to Aaron Wain from Fighting Lyons (Vic).  The Ken Mayfield Memorial Award for best sparring (Kyorugi) spirit on the day went to Michael Magee from Global MA (Sydney).   Alan Powrie of Powrie & Co, Barristers and Solicitors has kindly donated the Ken Mayfield Award.        

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4th annual Grading Comp

Blake performing his pattern on the day Perofrming Koryo II at the comp Parissa one of the two best performing students of the day. Performing Taeguk 7 at the comp   More than 65 Juniors competed on the hottest day in 3 weeks at Coorparoo.  The concept behind the grading comp is for the students to rise to the challenge of Taekwondo Competitions.  Students were tested on their performance in the ring (sparring) as well as poomse.  These 2 elements are what students compete at in local, state, national and international level.  The students have been training hard since Christmas on Olympic sparring.  We hope to see some of these student compete in regular tournaments and one day represent Australia at the World or Olympic games. Well done to all those who competed in the true spirit of sportsmanship and Taekwondo.  Special thanks to the instructors and senior students who helped the juniors on the say.  We mananged to get through 35 matches in just over 2 hours.  A super effort.  

Taekwondo’s Olympic future: IOC’s criteria

London 2012 opening ceremony With the first key date of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) evaluation process only 2 weeks ahead, all Taekwondo family members should be aware of the criteria that the Olympic governing body will use in order to decide which sports will remain as part of its Program after Rio 2016 and what is the current situation of our Sport taking into account each of these parameters. As you may know, the IOC has decided to introduce a new regulation system as of 2020 that will cut the current number of core sports (26) to 25, which means that one of the current Olympic sports will lose its privileged position. A situation that Taekwondo and the rest of core sports are not willing to experience. What will the decision of the IOC be based on? When will we know about the Olympic future of our sport? WTM will try to clarify the key points of such a crucial process. Dates to remember Everything is set to start between the 12th and 13th of February in Lausanne (Switzerland). There is where the Olympic Program Comission, led by Italy’s senior IOC member Franco Carraro, will present a report informing the Executive Board with the core sport they suggest to cut from the 26 current ones. After this first meeting, the OPC will propose the list of eligible sports to add in 2020 to the Executive Board during the SportAccord Convention, which will be held in Saint Petersburg (Russia) between the 26th and the 31st of May. Both proposals will have to be officially approved by simple majority at the 125th IOC Session, scheduled for the 7th of September in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The election [...]

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Cadet Division – Head kicks or not !

In December last year the WTF introduced a new divison 12-14 years called Cadet.  The Cadet division will have there own World Championships which will allow head kicks.  Being a benchmark event, Australia like other western countries which have to decide whether to allow head kicks domestically. Its a double edge sword.  Whilst each country decides this issue based on domestic demands and pressures.  Players who are not use to head kicks are at an extreme disadvantage.  They dont know how to defend or attack to the head which is now worth 3-4 points.  On the positive side, players now only have to touch the head, which means most use less power to the head. Todate, no decision has been made in Australia on this rule.  It will be interesting to see what Australia its states decide on. As a comparisioin I have listed the US ruling. Love to know your thoughts.   Cadet Division Rules USA Taekwondo formed a task force consisting of USAT Referees, USAT member coaches and an AAC representative to evaluate the Junior Safety Rules (JSR) and how they pertain to the new WTF Cadet (12-14 year olds) divisions. After review and discussion from this task force, USA Taekwondo will proceed with the following recommendations for the 2013 event season: Cadet divisions at the 2013 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships will follow JSR. All 2013 USAT State Championships will run Cadet divisions using JSR. At the 2013 USAT National Championships, USAT will offer two black belt Cadet divisions. One division will be classified as Grass Roots, the other World Class. Grass Roots division will follow JSR. World Class division will follow Adult Rules. All Cadet color belt divisions will follow JSR at the USAT National Championships [...]

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4th Gold Coast Open

The 2013 Gold Coast Open has been confirmed for the 11 & 12 May at Carrara indoor stadium. With the success of the last 3 Gold Coast Opens we expect our usual 500 competitors over the weekend. At this stage we will follow the same schedule as 2012. Seniors will be Saturday and Juniors on Sunday. The full package will be released in January 2013. Daedo PSS will be used for all divisions 10 years and over. We welcome all WTF stylist to the Gold Coast. Please email us to be receive updates about the GC Open. look forward to seeing you next year. Regards Michael Tan

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Hello world!

                                  Welcome to Tans Taekwondo.  We are converting our website over to WordPress.  This is my first post.  We hope this blog will all students to be more interactive. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.   Regards     Master Michael Tan.