Hapkido Dan grading

Grand Master Sung Soo Lee (9th Dan) came to Brisbane to conduct Dan gradings in both Hapkido and Taekwondo.  Among those grading was Head Instructor Michael Tan who was grading for 6th Dan Hapkido with Gabriel Estay.  Michael and Gabriel were successful and are now Masters of Hapkido with more than 20 years experience.  For Master Tan this is his 2nd higher dan to go with his 8th Dan in Taekwondo. Each Hapkido grading consists of rolling, self defence sets and weapons.  All grading are recognised by the Korea Hapkido Federation and the Australia Moo Hak Kwan Association. The following students successfully passed on the weekend. HAPKIDO Michael Tan 6th Dan Gabriel Estay 6th Dan Shane Hartmann 3rd Dan bo Carlos Lakerdis 2nd Dan Allan Coggins 2nd Dan Chrissie Bowie 2nd Dan bo Andrew James 2nd Dan bo Werner Piehler 2nd Dan bo Stephen Clark 1st Dan Dustin Howlett 1st Dan   TAEKWONDO Louie Beatty 3rd Dan Josh Halter 3rd Dan bo Leigh Crowley 3rd Dan bo Lachlan Crowley 3rd Dan bo Jack Willsher 2nd Dan Zac Biddle 2nd Dan    

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Pink Belt Week for Cancer Council

Cancer Council raises awareness and funds for prevention programs, support services and world-class research into women’s cancers.  Donate to Pink and make a real difference to those affected by breast and gynaecological cancers through prevention programs, support services and world-class research.  As a not-for-profit organisation, Cancer Council relies on the support of the media to promote fundraising efforts throughout the year. In 2013 they aim to raise around $9.4 million for Pink Ribbon Day, Girls’ Night In and Pink Ribbon Fundraisers. A total of $550 was raised this week through the sale of pink belts. Jeremiah Anderson Stella Anson Kim Astro Sam Atkinson Chrissie Bowie Paul Bowler Stephen Clark Tom Dean Billie Diery Daniel Egert Mitchell Egert Sam Feenstra Tom Feenstra Sasha Freslon Adam Gibson David Gibson Sarah Gibson Claire Gladman Aiden Gock Morgan Grace Jaminson Grinke Liam Hansen Savva Hatzipapas Chelsea Hobday Caleb Hodgkinson Niamh Hodgkinson John Keillerup Connor Leahy Declan Leahy Hamish Leddie Laura Leddie Spiro Livanes Nikhil Matthews David Meechan Jamie Meechan Joshua Mitchell Courtney Nichols Lachlan Nichols Connor Nicolson Judy Pascoe Max Ryder Tom Ryder Kiarra Sawynok Tom Sinnamon Leon Skerritt Lachlan Southwood Declan Stanley Claudia Tan Michael Tan Dominic Trevatt Jon Trotta Ethan Turner Madison Turner Presley Woods Brent Woolgar  

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Cadet Division – Head kicks or not !

In December last year the WTF introduced a new divison 12-14 years called Cadet.  The Cadet division will have there own World Championships which will allow head kicks.  Being a benchmark event, Australia like other western countries which have to decide whether to allow head kicks domestically. Its a double edge sword.  Whilst each country decides this issue based on domestic demands and pressures.  Players who are not use to head kicks are at an extreme disadvantage.  They dont know how to defend or attack to the head which is now worth 3-4 points.  On the positive side, players now only have to touch the head, which means most use less power to the head. Todate, no decision has been made in Australia on this rule.  It will be interesting to see what Australia its states decide on. As a comparisioin I have listed the US ruling. Love to know your thoughts.   Cadet Division Rules USA Taekwondo formed a task force consisting of USAT Referees, USAT member coaches and an AAC representative to evaluate the Junior Safety Rules (JSR) and how they pertain to the new WTF Cadet (12-14 year olds) divisions. After review and discussion from this task force, USA Taekwondo will proceed with the following recommendations for the 2013 event season: Cadet divisions at the 2013 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships will follow JSR. All 2013 USAT State Championships will run Cadet divisions using JSR. At the 2013 USAT National Championships, USAT will offer two black belt Cadet divisions. One division will be classified as Grass Roots, the other World Class. Grass Roots division will follow JSR. World Class division will follow Adult Rules. All Cadet color belt divisions will follow JSR at the USAT National Championships [...]

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After 9 years I am a black belt

Evelina started taekwondo with me when she was 5.  Today she finally achieved black belt.   Its great to see students achieve black belt no matter how long it takes.  Well done Evelina   What Does A Black Belt Mean To Me? By Evelina Afoa (Tans Logan) Thats me, second from the right. I suppose I speak for everyone when I say that when I see someone with a black belt, I immediately have an immense respect. Yes, a respect for the belt itself, but mostly, a respect for the person wearing it. This is a respect for their wisdom, their knowledge, their attitude and their overall commitment to Taekwondo as a whole. The black belt that they wear indicates to me the dedication they’ve demonstrated through their years of training. He/she who has earned a black belt has the ability to assist you in any aspect of Taekwondo. They demonstrate to others that they were willing to take the never-ending and life-changing journey that comes with starting an amazing martial art such as Taekwondo. I haven’t always had this appreciation. Starting Taekwondo at a young age, I did not understand this as my attention span was rather limited. But as the years have gone by, I can honestly say that I have come to the realisation of what the true meaning of being a black belt is. It’s safe to say that over the years, I have had many commitments, each of which I do my utmost to achieve at a high level. At school, I strive to maintain a high academic standard. I have a love of music which is a big part of my culture and as such I have [...]

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30 Year reunion

About 30 former students attended of 30 year anniversary at the Coorparoo HQ.  The rain held off, and everyone enjoyed the BBQ and chatting with other former students.  It was great to see so many student especially those travelling from the Gold Coast.  All had fond memories of training in the 80's and 90's on old wooden floors in community halls.  Founder Dr David Tan who has just come out of hospital made the journey up and talked to all the former students. All the students were impressed with our full time centre.  It was our ultimate dream and being a former member of Tans it was theirs to share.  Our first black belt George Ruch (1984) was there along with our first white to black belt Jeff Munster.  Glenice Shaw who started Logan in the late 70's was also there and met some of the current students of Logan.  Glenice is coming back to Taekwondo after nearly 17 years. It was great to hear that Taekwondo has made a big difference in their lives.  Many attributed to where they are now to Taekwondo and the spirit of the Martial Arts.  It seemed like only yesterday that these students were training.  Now most have children or grand children. From the 80's of just Taekwondo, Tans has evolved and offers hapkido and kumdo.  Master Michael Tan, Chrissie Bowie (Taekwondo Logan) and Terje Svingen (Hapkido) put on a demonstration of Kumdo.  Master Tan and son Liam also demonstrated the new Daedo electronic chest guards.  All were amazed at how far the sport had come and the use of technology. We hope that all former students keep in touch and plans are underway to host a 35 year [...]

Hello world!

                                  Welcome to Tans Taekwondo.  We are converting our website over to WordPress.  This is my first post.  We hope this blog will all students to be more interactive. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.   Regards     Master Michael Tan.