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Development Grading Comp

A total of 74 juniors competed in the 2nd Grading Comp for the year.  The event was held on the 25th October with some 35 fights in the 3 hour window.  For many of the students it was their first taste of Olympic Taekwondo.  Each student was required to do their current patterns as well as compete over 2 rounds under Olympic conditions.   We use the grading comp to give parents and students an idea of what its like to compete.  Hopefully many will do the sparring classes and enter the regular taekwondo competitions in Queensland. The highlight of the day was a special 3 on 3 teams competition in the first session. Special thanks goes to our officials (Ebenezer, Chelsea, Liam, Ash, Claire, Partick, Roseanna, and the Gibsons) The following students achieved Gold. Connor Nicolson 7 Yellow III Jasper Grierson 5 Blue I Isaac Taylor 6 Yellow II Minsuh Seo 7 Blue I Billie Diery 7 Yellow III Ruby Pyke 7 Yellow III Nathan Tan 7 Yellow II Dylan Wright 7 Purple/White Max Ryder 7 Red I Sebastian Lieu 8 Yellow II Daniel Egert 7 Yellow III Declan Lewis 7 Yellow II Samuel Chappell 8 Purple/White Finlay Grierson 9 Blue I Junsuh Seo 10 Red I Kai Asnicar 8 Yellow III Kiran Brijesh 8 Red I Blake Fennell 9 Blue I Abigail Manders 8 Red I Ashlee Taylor 8 Yellow II James Naylor 9 Blue I Jeremiah Anderson 8 Yellow III Mitchell Egert 10 Red II TJ Leaver 9 1st Dan Oliver Pyke 10 Blue II Hannah Jones 10 Red I Connor Leahy 12 Blue II Joshua Mitchell 13 Red I Laura Leddie 11 Red I Jaimee Taylor 11 Blue II [...]

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Latest Taekwondo equipment

The most appreciated equipment we have ever purchased for the Club.  A giant jumping castle we called "The Dojang" arrived on Thursday.  Weighin 130 kg and dimensions of 7 x 5 x3.5m, its a beast.  Naturally the students couldn't wait to test it out.    Its amazing how excited kids get over a jumping castle.  The joy on their faces was priceless.  "The Dojang"  was custom made and takes about 5 minutes to blow up.  Best of all it packs up into 1.5cm3 .   Now we just have to work out where to store it.  The dojang only comes out on special occasions such as birthday's and school holidays. Everyone is looking forward to the September holidays.        

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Chelsea seconds from a medal.

Chelsea Hobday has just returned from the 1st Word Cadet Taekwondo Championships in Baku Azerbaijan. The inaugural cadet championships, which are for the youth aged between 12 and 14, had 578 athletes and 286 officials from 63 countries. Chelsea was one of 2 Australian girls which made it though to the Quarter finals and narrowly missed out on a medal.  With only seconds to go, Chelsea appeared to score with a kick to the head of the French girl.  That would have put the score 14-12 in Chelsea's favour.  After a video replay, the kick was too close to call and the initial decision was upheld.  Some would argue that if the kick had have scored and the other side protested, then the point would have remained. Chelsea is now in training for the Australian Open in Sydney on 16 & 17 August. To view both of Chelsea's fights you can go to the following links. Chelsea vs Jordan Chelsea vs France      

Ipswich PCYC Taekwondo impress at the fifth Gold Coast Open

TOP TEAM: Successful Ipswich PCYC Taekwondo students (clockwise from front) Abigail Manders, Ryder Rundell, Tamzin Christoffel, Ashley Holden, Jessica Malone, Marshall Roberts, Ryan Holden, Linsey Christoffel, Samuel Smit and William Holden.David Nielsen IPSWICH PCYC Taekwondo students impressed at the fifth Gold Coast Open - the largest non State competition in Australia. In a remarkable effort, all 11 competitors left with a medal. "This was a tough tournament because most of the sparring students had to complete two fights in order to win a medal," Ipswich PCYC coach Kevin Donaldson said. They also did their club and city proud with the way they behaved and supported each other. "The team morale has been excellent," Donaldson said. "The students supported each other during training and the competition." The next challenge for these and other students from the club is Caboolture Open Taekwondo Championships, from June 15 at Morayfield. Beyond that, a number of the Ipswich PCYC Tans Taekwondo students are current national champions who will defend their titles in Adelaide in October. Those eligible to compete at the 2014 Sports Taekwondo Australia (STA) National Championships are: Tamzin Christoffel, Ashley Holden, Ryan Holden, William Holden and Abigail Manders. Not all of them will be able to go to Adelaide if they do not secure sponsorship to help pay for travel and accommodation however. Students Ashley, Ryan and Tamzin are 2013 Australian champions for their age and weight divisions. If any Ipswich businesses would like to support these students, they can contact Kevin Donaldson on 0429 609 180 or the Ipswich PCYC on 3281 2547. Coach Donaldson has been invited to do his third Dan Black Belt grading in mid 2015 in South Korea at Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo [...]

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US Open trip

In February we traveled to the US to attend one of the largest international competitions in the world.  The last time I was at the US Open was in Hawaii in 2000.  That was when I was single and part of the Olympic program.  Apart from the Olympic team, our club entered 5 players in their first major international.  Now some 14 years later some of those players are coaches taking a new breed of competitors from Tans to the US Open.  Its a proud moment to see the legacy remains and the passion for Olympic sparring continue.   I was also lucky enough to bring the family to Vegas to see the competition and catch up with friends.  For our sons Liam and Nathan, it was their first trip to the US and we took in most of the sites such as Disneyland, Hollywood and Skiing.  Apart from the big cities, it was great to show them the country as we traveled some 18 hours by car from LA to Vegas to Mammoth and back to LA. Two weeks was long enough, and we are now back at the club and preparing students for gradings and competitions. 2000 Team Roaster Manager - Shane Hartmann Coach -Michael Tan Referee -Darryl Gowlett Players Ben Hartmann Daniel Hartmann Byron Coleborne George Carmichael Luk Wolfe   2014 Team Roaster Head of Team - Michael Tan Manager - Jo Hartmann Coaches - Ben & Daniel Hartmann Players Sam Northey Billy Crean Kyle Nolan Zhanna Sattsaeva Jack Willsher Presley Johnson Travis Richard Arden Lovis  

Taekwondo Black Belt family – 3 girls and dad

Missing the first seven years of my girls lives with working away, Taekwondo gave me a chance to spend time with my children to build relationships, to build trust, to build goal setting and to achieve goals together. There are not many sports that allow such a wide range of ages to be all involved together. In the beginning I began to bring my daughters to our local Taekwondo centre, for  them fitness, but for me, to spend time with my children. I had been coming for four years but never graded, then my middle child Kaitlin asked me to grade with her, so I did. Now today some eight years on both her and I are going to grade to 2nd Dan together. Not a bad achievement, her and I joining her older sister to 2nd Dan with her younger sister not far behind. My second reason to family time, and a bit of fitness was to teach my daughters goal setting. Short, medium and long term goals. The youngest, Jennifer at twelve to have spent seven years to achieve her Black belt. More than half her life training, has taught her and her sisters goal setting and the sense of achievement for the hours put in. To set a short term goal, your next belt level. A medium goal, red belt in two years. Long term goal, Black Belt by thirteen years of age. This goal setting at such a young age aids them in every area of life for when they get older. To learn the principle of goal setting aids us in paying off a car, having a family, going to university. All areas of life where short medium and long [...]

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Return dates for 2014

Wishing all students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Return dates for all Centres. Monday January 6th 2014 Coorparoo - Michael Tan - 3311-1991 Currumbin - Ben Hartmann - 041 070-2357 Arana Hills - Jono Doyle - 040 5643645 Thursday 9th Jan Ipswich - Kevin Donaldson - 042 960-9180 Saturday 11th January Logan City PCYC - Chrissie Bowie - 043 8083996 Tuesday 14th January Springwood - Darryl Gowlett - 043 8083996 Yeronga - Greg Blain - 1300 799 258 Wednesday 29th Jan Acacia Ridge - Stephen Clark - 043 1015312 Tuesday 28th Jan Roma - Steve Ruru -  042 7082939 Monday 3rd February Sunnybank - Dejan Tunjic - (04) 3452-8511 Wednesday 5th February  Clayfield - Wayne Mahoney - 04 1888 7529

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3 new black belts for Coorparoo

3 students who start in our junior program 4 years ago have finally achieved black belt. Partick and Roseanne Scodellaro and Tom Ryder all passed their 1st dan black belt on the 8th December 2013. Below is an essay for Tom about what black belt means to him. A Black Belt in the Korean art of Taekwondo means many different things to me; mostly I see it as a sign of respect. I look up to people who have gone the distance and achieved something that great, and I just want to stop and imagine what it was like for them? How did they do it? Then the thought races to me – “How am I going to do it?”  All these things eventually lead me to think - “Why am I doing this? Why am I getting my Black Belt?”  Of course the answer is that I want to have achieved a great milestone in my life. It means that I will have achieved a great deal of knowledge in the martial arts, and have gained great respect for the 5 tenets of Taekwondo – Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit. Once I’ve earned my Black Belt I know that wherever I go in the world I will get as much respect as I am giving the Black Belts now. Taekwondo is a way of living and a Black Belt signifies to me that I have reached a high skill level in my life. Receiving a Black Belt means years of hard work, studying, classes, confidence building, and teamwork.  A Black Belt requires discipline. By that I mean you can't just go through it all lazily. The Black Belt is about achieving perfect [...]

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