A total of 74 juniors competed in the 2nd Grading Comp for the year.  The event was held on the 25th October with some 35 fights in the 3 hour window.  For many of the students it was their first taste of Olympic Taekwondo.  Each student was required to do their current patterns as well as compete over 2 rounds under Olympic conditions.


We use the grading comp to give parents and students an idea of what its like to compete.  Hopefully many will do the sparring classes and enter the regular taekwondo competitions in Queensland.

The highlight of the day was a special 3 on 3 teams competition in the first session.

Special thanks goes to our officials (Ebenezer, Chelsea, Liam, Ash, Claire, Partick, Roseanna, and the Gibsons)

The following students achieved Gold.

Connor Nicolson 7 Yellow III
Jasper Grierson 5 Blue I
Isaac Taylor 6 Yellow II
Minsuh Seo 7 Blue I
Billie Diery 7 Yellow III
Ruby Pyke 7 Yellow III
Nathan Tan 7 Yellow II
Dylan Wright 7 Purple/White
Max Ryder 7 Red I
Sebastian Lieu 8 Yellow II
Daniel Egert 7 Yellow III
Declan Lewis 7 Yellow II
Samuel Chappell 8 Purple/White
Finlay Grierson 9 Blue I
Junsuh Seo 10 Red I
Kai Asnicar 8 Yellow III
Kiran Brijesh 8 Red I
Blake Fennell 9 Blue I
Abigail Manders 8 Red I
Ashlee Taylor 8 Yellow II
James Naylor 9 Blue I
Jeremiah Anderson 8 Yellow III
Mitchell Egert 10 Red II
TJ Leaver 9 1st Dan
Oliver Pyke 10 Blue II
Hannah Jones 10 Red I
Connor Leahy 12 Blue II
Joshua Mitchell 13 Red I
Laura Leddie 11 Red I
Jaimee Taylor 11 Blue II