More than 300 students successfully grade at the end of term 3.  Grading held over the last 2 weeks included Brisbane, Currumbin, Caboolture and Ipswich. Of all the students grading, we had 3 successfully reach 1st Dan black belt.

Ella Gowlett who just turned 11 achieved Junior black belt.  The daughter of Master Darryl Gowlett, Ella was a bit nervous but show great techniques and poise.

Below are a few words from Ella about Taekwondo.

Becoming a Black Belt would be a big achievement for me. After nearly 7 years of participating in Taekwondo I feel I am ready to become a Black Belt. I have been training to my fullest potential and I think it has improved my self-confidence, as well as developing my Taekwondo techniques. A further benefit to this is my balance is much better.

I have taken this journey with my father as my instructor. I look up to my Dad and see the passion he has for Taekwondo. Even though, at this stage I cannot feel the same way. I am beginning to understand why he feels the way he does. Along with Dad I look up to Chrissie Bowie. Chrissie is inspiring and I hope to be as good as her one day. I could do this by continuing my training and striving to be better.

I believe my responsibilities as a Black Belt are to help other students reach their goal of becoming a Black Belt, instructing and listening to their needs, I will make sure I am polite and respectful when they ask me a question.

Becoming a Black Belt would make me proud, my instructors proud and my family proud. I think the most proudest person would be my Dad because he has watched me every step of my journey and has watched me gain self-confidence. I think he also would be proud because I have trained hard, shown my passion and have been a respectful student. I think that having Dad by my side has made my journey much easier because he can teach me at home and at Taekwondo class.

Taekwondo has helped me in my schooling and with my other hobbies, especially dancing. It has helped me with my flexibility and strength which has let me be as good a dancer as I am today.

Becoming a Black Belt would be a great achievement and prepare me for my life ahead.

Ella Gowlett – Springwood Taekwondo.