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Hapkido Dan grading

Grand Master Sung Soo Lee (9th Dan) came to Brisbane to conduct Dan gradings in both Hapkido and Taekwondo.  Among those grading was Head Instructor Michael Tan who was grading for 6th Dan Hapkido with Gabriel Estay.  Michael and Gabriel were successful and are now Masters of Hapkido with more than 20 years experience.  For Master Tan this is his 2nd higher dan to go with his 8th Dan in Taekwondo. Each Hapkido grading consists of rolling, self defence sets and weapons.  All grading are recognised by the Korea Hapkido Federation and the Australia Moo Hak Kwan Association. The following students successfully passed on the weekend. HAPKIDO Michael Tan 6th Dan Gabriel Estay 6th Dan Shane Hartmann 3rd Dan bo Carlos Lakerdis 2nd Dan Allan Coggins 2nd Dan Chrissie Bowie 2nd Dan bo Andrew James 2nd Dan bo Werner Piehler 2nd Dan bo Stephen Clark 1st Dan Dustin Howlett 1st Dan   TAEKWONDO Louie Beatty 3rd Dan Josh Halter 3rd Dan bo Leigh Crowley 3rd Dan bo Lachlan Crowley 3rd Dan bo Jack Willsher 2nd Dan Zac Biddle 2nd Dan    

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Non-aggression principle of hapkido

Dang Jeon Breathing   The following was wriiten by Terje Svingen 5th Dan Hapkido. There is however, no denying that Hapkido is a system designed to teach practitioners fighting skills to defeat any potential adversaries. However, this is obviously a simplistic view, not taking into account the broader teachings – typically applicable to any Martial Arts – that also focus on the development of the human spirit through both physical and mental exercise. The teachings of Hapkido have a strong emphasis on non-violence, spiritual balance and harmony within oneself and the surrounds. These are not necessarily attributes that are easily achieved and must therefore be cultivated and constantly reinforced throughout life. Traditionally, the philosophical aspect of Martial Arts training was at the centre, but in a more modern society the focus on victory through physical prowess has had a stronger tendency to come to the forefront in many styles. The emergence of Judo and Taekwondo as Olympic sports are specific examples, and also the recent popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) – or cage fighting – has had great influence on how many Martial Arts are now taught and understood. Here, the focus is on victory by conquering the opponent through brute force, technical prowess and little or no consideration to what damage it may cause in the process. It is by no means a modern phenomenon however, as the propensity for violence has marred the human race throughout history. To quote the French scientist and philosopher Blaise Pascal (1623-1662): “It is the fight alone that pleases us, not the victory”. These words ring as true today as in years gone by. With regard to Hapkido, it too teaches offensive techniques and empowers [...]

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New Black Belts

Andrew James from Currumbin receiving his Hapkido black belt. Being present his hapkido black belt and 1st Dan certificate by master Tan. Leon present with his Kukkiwon 5th Dan by Master Tan Morgan Grace, Chelsea Hobday and Jess Roberts achieveing black belt on the weekend. Chris recieving his 3rd Dan. A number of students were presented black belts prior to Easter. At black belt trainings, Andrew James and Werner Piehler from Currumbin were presented their 1st Dan Hapkido.  Leon Leppert was also presented his 5th Dan kukkiwon.  Leon has been trainining since the late 70's and was one of the first to travel and live in Korea to train Taekwondo.  More recently Jess Roberts and Chelsea Hobday earnt their first dan on the weekend.  Jess is one of our longest serving students havin started in the Junior class at Buranda.    Through perseverence, she has achieved her black belt in her eighth year.  Chelsea, the current Student of the year has been training 3 times per week in her passion for Taekwondo.  Morgan Grace another up and coming female from Coorparoo achieved provisional black belt. O fthe higher Dan, Arana Hills Instructor Jono Doyle achieved his 3rd Dan bo and is ready to grade for his full 3rd Dan next month.  Chris Turnell who is currently lining in England travel back for 2 weeks intensive training in the led up to his grading on the weekend.  Chris was successful in achieving 3rd Dan and will now go back to England next week where he intends to open our first branch in England. Well done to all on your achievements. On 14th April when Grand Master Sung Soo Lee will be [...]

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Hapkido Syllabus on youtube

 Congratulations to Chrissie Bowie (1st Dan), Graham Jones (Cho Dan bo) and Anthony Lutz (Cho dan bo) on receiving their black belt certificates.  Our Hapkido class has doubled this year thanks to some new beginners. We welcome Tony, Paula and Chelsea Hobday, Judy Pascoe, Greg Blain, Byron and Chris Hobbs to our Hapkido classes. We have also posted the Hakido syllabus on youtube.  Just search Tans Hapkido and you will fine 50 videos covering the hapkido syllabus from White belt to 3rd Dan black belt.  for example. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B1LNvsIvI4 Special thanks goes to Graham Jones, Terje Svingen (now in Denmark) and the crash dummies who participated.   Master Michael Tan.

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